IDH supplies 5-seaters, 7-seaters, minibuses, coaches and buses for the movement of passengers/employees from any specified pick up points and pick up times to any destinations around the island as agreed with the individual or corporate customer. Through its fleet IDH pssengers/employees team caters for the smooth and safe transport of its customer on a 24/7 daily basisfor customers in:-

  • Airline Industry
  • Hotel Industry
  • Offshore sectors
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality

Online Application for service providers

IDH transport service is a service provider and caters for transport need for passengers in the hospitality, finance and industrial sectors.

If you are interested to join our team of contractors/sub contractors, you are kindly requested to contact our compliance department on tel 52510547 or

You will be subsequently convened before a “selection committee” to consider your application. On being a successful, you will be enlisted in our dedicated team and your service sought as and when required.